WhatsApp: Receive Messages Only When You Open the App

WhatsApp has a huge number of active users and we have seen it getting many new features in the past few months. Now you can use images in status update and you also have the option to add text to it. Video and voice calls were the other two main features that people use in their day to day life. Many other apps such as Google Allo, hike Chat, Telegram have also grown over time.

Whenever you connect to the internet on your phone, the first thing that you receive is a lot of WhatsApp messages and many people do get frustrated due to its continuous notification. If you want to browse internet silently, then can disable the background data usage for WhatsApp Messenger.

Disable Background data for WhatsApp Messenger

  • You have to first go to the Settings > Apps menu, then find WhatsApp Messenger and Open it.Apps settings
  • Here you can see some details about the app like its Storage, Data usage, Permissions, Notifications, Battery, Memory etc. now from the list, select Data Usage.Data usage in WhatsApp
  • In the App data usage, you can see how much foreground and background data has been used. Here there is an option to Restrict app background data, just enable it.Restrict Background Data
  • Now you will not receive any WhatsApp message notifications from your friends until you open it. However, you will still get a notification from the app telling you that “You may have some new messages” but you can ignore that.
  • You can also remove the restriction whenever you want.
  • The people who have sent you a message will not get the delivered icon (Double Tick) on it.

Didn’t Work? Make sure you have cleared WhatsApp from the recent apps. This is important because if you didn’t clear WhatsApp from the recent apps then it can still receive messages in the background.

But if you are receiving lots of messages from any particular group or an individual, then you can also mute that conversation by tapping on the three dots at right corner of the chat window. You can mute a conversation for 8 hours, 1 Week, 1 Year and if you want to see only notifications, from the conversation, then you can keep the “Show Notifications” box checked.

The other option to not receive any notification from the app is to block all the notification from it. You can easily do that by again going to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Notifications and then turn the “Block all” radio button, this option is great if you want to take a break from the WhatsApp. One more alternative that you may consider is to receive the notifications silently which is currently available on Android Nougat. In many Custom ROMs, there is also an option to set the minimum time between notifications from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. In LineageOS you can set the Importance for each notification and its values can be viewed in the “Notification Controls”.

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