Things You Can do to Increase Jio’s Internet Speed

Jio is one of the fastest ISP in India but many users can experience bad internet speed due to network congestion or any other reason. However, there are multiple things that you can try on your phone and computer to increase internet speed of your Jio network.

Signal Strength

This is the first thing that you should check on your phone or dongle (In an android phone you can check network strength in Settings > about > SIM status). If you are using your phone as a hotspot, then you should place it where the signal quality is good.

Try Setting Any Other APN as Default

Add a new APN
Sometimes due to multiple reasons the access point ‘jionet’ doesn’t work but you can try and set any other operator’s APN as default (BSNL’s access point- bsnlnet, Idea’s access point- internet). In many telecom circles this setting may not work and you will not be able to use Wi-Fi hotspot on your computer if you change the APN from jionet to anything else.

Try Changing DNS

If you are experiencing low internet speed on your computer, then you can change the DNS address to something else (You can use Google’s Public DNS).

Use a VPN

VPN should not be your first priority to explore internet because many VPNs do track user activity on their network.

Do a Network Reset

At last if nothing works, you can reset your phone’s network configuration (You can find it Settings > More > Network Reset).

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