That’s how Cortana reponded to our Questions

We were just messing up with Cortana with some questions about Siri and search engines, we were quite impressed with the responses from it. The few question that we asked were

Q. Cortana what do you think about Siri.
A. I think it’s pretty great that we have Bing in common.

 Cortana Alpha

Q. Why are you named Cortana?
A. It comes from the name of a legendary sword

Cortana Asked questions

Q. Cortana who made you
A. Hmm, I can’t give away all my secrets

Q. Cortana Which is the best search Engine
A. Bing

Cortana Vs Siri

Q. Cortana Vs Siri
A. That’s a tough one. It’s like comparing apple to Windows

Cortana responses

Though you can also try new questions to Cortana I think its pretty great how it responded to our question few other question asked were- “Should I take a coat?”, “Should I take my umbrella?”.