Setup Hidden Wi-Fi Network on D-Link 2730U

Wi-Fi networks are under security threat multiple times a day. They need to be configured properly for the secure connectivity of the users. Many people already know how to do that. But we are going to discuss here few steps that can keep your wireless network safe. Adding a strong password may help but you should also consider making it more secure and MAC filtering is another option which can keep away unwanted devices from your network. You can also set a secure DNS to your network which can help you in certain way by detecting harmful websites. These are some things that you can do with a little help. But there is one more thing that we are going to talk about and that is Hiding your Wi-Fi Network (Hiding a SSID). By configuring this on your router, you can prevent your network’s SSID getting broadcasted. However, anyone who knows the SSID and password can connect to the wireless network. This guide is for D-Link 2730U (New Version).

  1. Open your router’s configuration page (Default (Make sure you are connected on LAN but you can also set it up on wireless network).
  2. Login with your username and password. (Default username and password is admin. Always change the default username and password to make sure the access to your router is safe).
  3. Now navigate to the Advanced tab.

    DSL D-Link 2730U

  4. You will see an Advanced Wireless Setting page. On this page find Broadcast SSID and then click on disable radio button in front of it.
  5. Disable Broadcast

    Then click on Apply Changes button.

  6. Your wireless network will now restart (It will take around 60 seconds to complete the setup).

This configuration sets up newer version of D-Link DSL 2730U router however the older one too has this feature and you can easily configure it. The old version has a simple user interface but the new one has many new features and tools to make your network more reliable. Most users make some common mistakes while setting up their router such as not adding a password to it. In some router you can set up multiple Wi-Fi- network and you can also hide them however many companies have avoided adding this feature to their modems.

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