Setup a Static IP Address for Your Device in D-Link 2730U

If you are going to setup port forwarding in your router, then it is necessary to configure a static IP address for the device to which you are going to transfer all the incoming traffic. Setting up a static IP address is simple if you have configured a router earlier. This is also a necessary step in server building. A static IP address can help you find a specific device and allot bandwidth according to their need. You can also add/remove the ports for each IP address.

  1. Open the router’s configuration page with your username and password (Make sure you have administrative privileges).
  2. Now go to Setup tab. Then navigate to Local Network > DHCP Reserved.Configuring DHCP reserved in 2730U
  3. If you have earlier setup a static IP address to any device, then you can see it here.
  4. You can add here devices by MAC address and allot an IP address to it. After entering all the details click on Add button. You can also modify or delete any existing setting for any device.Static IP address
  5. After the configuration is done your computer will always get the IP address that you have allotted it.

However, if you are not getting connected to your router then you have to manually add a IP address to your network adapter.

  1. Go to Network Connections in Control Panel.
  2. Now go to Change adapter settings.
  3. You can see all the available adapters here. Select the one that you want to set up and go to its properties.
  4. Then choose the internet protocol version that you use and go to properties.
  5. Select “Use the following IP address” and enter the IP address that you have setup on your router.Adding static IP address
  6. At last click on the OK button.

To check what is your adapter’s IP address go to command prompt then type “ipconfig” in it and press enter. You will see all the details of every adapter on your PC.

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