Setting up Wi-Fi in D-Link DSL-2730U

This guide shows you how to setup a secure Wi-Fi network on a D-Link DSL 2730U (old version).
Broadband Router

Step 1 : Open and login using your username and password [By default both the username and password is admin.It is recommended that you change the default username and password to secure your router’s configuration page].

Step 2 : Now go to Wireless settings and under Basic configuration, enter a SSID (SSID is the name of your network), then select your country and enter the Max clients that can connect to this wireless network. Now click on Apply/Save button.

DLink Wireless setup
Step 3: Under the Security configuration, select the SSID that you have just created in the step 2 and then set the Network Authentication to WEP.

Step 4: Now enable WEP Encryption.

Step 5: After that Set Encryption strength to  64 bit or 128 bit (128 bit encryption requires longer password but it is more secure).

Step 6: Select Current Network key to and in the Network Key 1 text field, enter the password that you want set for your Wi-Fi network.

DLink Wireless setup Security
Step 7: At last click on Apply/Save and then reboot your modem.

You can also setup multiple access point on your modem, you have to just enable Guest/Virtual Access Point in the Wireless Basic Settings. If you have to filter devices from your network, then you can use the MAC Filter option under Wireless Settings.