Managing E-mail service of your website via Bigrock

 Bigrock is the India’s one of the largest domain service providers providing cheap domain names. With every domain Bigrock provides Email service to each user.Now we will see how to manage your email address of your domain via Bigrock.

Login to your  account and goto manage E-mail setting you will see a popup setting like this.

 You can add here a new user, add a forward only account, add bulk users, and manage user accounts

Add user– Here you can add a new user at your own domain .

Add Bulk Users: For those who want to add a large amount of users on their domain.

Add Forward only account:- This service provide a mask to your alternate email address or we can say that it forwards your website email address to your personal email and you can provide multiple email addresses to receive the forwarded emails

 To add Forward only account to bigrock you can add your desired username for the website account and you have to enter the Forward to email addresses. For example you can forward your email received at to and

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