Manage Your Saved Passwords on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is not much popular as Google Chrome or Firefox is but in Google Play Store it is gaining momentum. Microsoft Edge on Android is much popular than its Windows version and one of the reasons might be its simplicity. You can save username and passwords for each website and in addition to this you can also login to your Microsoft account to synchronize all your browser data such as passwords and favorite websites to all your other devices.

Manage Your Saved Passwords on Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and go to its settings.Edge Settings
  2. In settings menu scroll down to bottom and click on Advanced settings.Microsoft Edge Advanced Settings
  3. Now under Privacy and services go to Manage passwords.Manage Passwords
  4. You can see all the websites for which you have saved passwords. You can edit or remove them but you don’t have the option to view the password.

If you want to clear all your browsing data, then you can go to and login with your username and password.

Microsoft claims that Edge consumes less battery and RAM (as compared to Google Chrome and Firefox) when you watch a video on web. However, Microsoft has to do a lot more work on Edge to make it more user oriented as Google has been doing with Chrome.


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