Link Your BSNL SIM with Aadhaar at Home

Last year, Government of India gave the nod for linking of all the existing mobile phone numbers with Aadhaar and as a result all the telecom companies are sending notification to their customers for resubmitting a CAF using Aadhaar verification. You can do it by visiting any nearby store of your network provider. But many companies are providing easy re-verification through Online Portals and IVRS. The state owned telecom company BSNL has launched an Internet Portal and IVRS for this purpose. However, the internet portal is only for NRIs, Senior Citizens and Physically Challenged persons but all the other users can use IVRS to resubmit their CAF.


Method 1: Through IVRS

  • Dial 14546 from the SIM card that you want to re-verify and follow the instructions (This IVRS number might not be available in all circles).

Method 2: Through BSNL Portal (Only for NRIs, Senior Citizens and Physically Challenged persons)

  1. Open BSNL Portal and go to Re-Verification tab.BSNL Portal
  2. Login using your username and password (If you don’t have an account, then create one by clicking on sign up button).BSNL Portal login
  3. Now click on Mobile Verification at the top right bar.Mobile Re-Verification
  4. Then select the applicable option and continue the process.Select your option

It can take up to seven days to complete the re-verification process and you will get a message once it is completed.

You can also visit any nearby BSNL office for the re-verification process but it can be time consuming.


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