How to View or Delete Your Saved Passwords on Google Chrome

Every time when you login to any website, Google Chrome will ask you to save the username and password that you have entered and, in this case, you have the option to save it or you can choose not to remember any of them for that site. If you have saved passwords on Google Chrome, then you can view or delete them in its settings.

View/Delete Your Saved Passwords on Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to its Settings.Google Chrome settings
  2. Then scroll down to bottom and click on Advanced Settings.Google Chrome advanced settings
  3. Now under passwords and forms click on manage passwords.Google Chrome manage passwords
  4. You will now see all the username and passwords that you have saved across each website. You can click on the view button to see the password or you can delete any of them if you want.Manage saved passwords Google Chrome

To access all your saved passwords from any device just login to If you want to disable auto login, then you can do it here.

If you use your Google account in Chrome then it will synchronize all the delete passwords with your account. You can also see your browser data at Google Chrome recently became compatible with the Windows 10 accent colors.

Using Firefox? See: How to Delete Your Saved Passwords from Firefox