How to Uninstall Stock MIUI Applications in MIUI 9

MIUI 9 is the latest release for the Xiaomi’s custom android skin. And is loaded with some of the major features which were missing in the earlier version of MIUI. The quick reply feature has been added in MIUI 9 but it is still in beta phase. The developer rom gets new updates and features on a weekly basis and users can switch to it if they want. The changelog for the developer rom is available on MIUI community app and website every Friday. There are some people who still love stock android apps and features. And they can still get some of these apps in MIUI by replacing the corresponding stock applications. However, you can only uninstall or disable limited number of the stock MIUI apps.

There are some more apps that you can remove after turning off the MIUI optimization in developer options. (See: How to disable MIUI optimization in MIUI 9)Disable MIUI optimization

After disabling it again go to Settings > Installed Apps. Now you can see that some more stock apps can be uninstalled/disabled now and you can replace them with any app from Google Play Store.

After turning off MIUI optimization you might see some minor or no improvement in the user interface. However, the new MIUI animation will be gone and we have seen some minor increase in battery life after turning off the MIUI optimization.

If you don’t like these settings, then you can always revert it by enabling MIUI optimization in the developer options.

Xiaomi was the one company that showcased the first 18:9 display in 2017 with ultra-small bezels. And we have seen how these displays are now a new norm due to huge demands by the users. Some major companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC have implemented this on their high end smartphones and we will see some more brand implementing this.

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