How to stop Windows 10 apps from using your internet data

Windows 10
If you are using Windows 10 for accessing to internet on a
LAN or WLAN with a metered connection whether it will be a Wi Fi hotspot or a
limited data broadband plan, You will notice that some app automatically start
updating its data. This cost a lot because it’s an unexpected data use until
you an unlimited internet connection. In Windows 7 or in earlier versions of
windows this was not a problem because there were no apps that were using your
data and no way you can install apps on them. To check how the apps are using
your data generally go to Task Manager (Right Click Taskbar> Task Manager).
Click on more details if you haven’t already done it, there is a network column
which shows that which program or app uses how much percentage bandwidth of your
internet connection. If it is a windows program such as svchost or service host
etc., then definitely there are some apps that will be using your internet
connection. To stop these unwanted data wastage then just:

  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon or LAN
    icon on your taskbar and select Network Setting (Make sure you are connected to
    the internet connection which is a metered connection)
  • Now click on Advance setting
    which is shown just below the network that you are connected
  • In the advanced setting you will
    find the Metered Connection button just enable it.

Remember: You must do this again if your Wi fi
or LAN Network is changed.

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