How to Skip Google’s Setup Wizard on First Boot

If you are one of those people who frequently faces the Setup Wizard when Android boots up for the first time, then you are at the right place. We are going to see how to skip Setup Wizard after the first boot.

What is Setup Wizard?

Setup Wizard helps the user to customize the android and gives it a chance to get familiar with the user’s previous setting. You can enable or disable the location services at the very start. You will be asked to setup the Wi-Fi network which can help the device to get activated at the phone vendor’s server and even if you don’t have Wi-Fi network then a small amount of mobile data will be used to activate it. When you do login through your Google account, the device will synchronize all the previous data, contacts and settings. You can also restore all the previous app or you can choose which apps you want to restore. If you want to setup a new device without restoring any previous apps, then you also have a option for that.

Skipping the Setup Wizard

Google’s Setup Wizard can be easily skipped by touching the four corners consecutively in the clockwise direction. After that you will be directly brought to the home screen. Remember, do not to touch any other option while doing it. This method is for the Google Setup Wizard and will not work on Cyanogen or LineageOS stock wizard.

Skipping the Setup Wizard

Many people who were running custom ROM had the problem that Setup Wizard keep closing again and again at the very start and unless you complete the setup process you will not be able to use the device. If you haven’t flashed the GApps on your custom ROM, then you will find it very hard to fix.

Depending on the manufacturer, the stock wizard can vary from device to device and you may find it hard to skip them but there is no harm to try the above option.

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