How to Show Battery Percentage in Stock Android Marshmallow and Nougat

Many people like to see their current battery percentage on the status bar, earlier android have the option to enable it from Settings > Battery but now marshmallow does not provide this feature directly, you have to go through a process to enable it. This feature is already provided by many OEMs such as Xiaomi in their ROMs. It is also available on many custom ROMs; in which you can also change the battery icon from the various options available on it. Generally, in stock android ROMs people have to swipe down to the quick settings panel to see the battery status.

  1. To enable battery percentage in the status bar you have to first activate the System UI tuner (If you have already activated it then you can move to the next step). To activate System UI tuner, you have to swipe down the notification panel then you have to tap and hold the Settings icon for about 5 seconds and the System UI tuner will be available in the settings menu.Enabling system ui tuner
  2. Now to see the battery percentage in status bar go to Settings > System UI Tuner > Show embedded battery percentage (Enable it). Now the battery icon will show the remaining battery percentage inside it. However, you do not have the option to show the percentage next to the battery icon.Enable battery percentage

In the System UI tuner, you can also hide the battery icon from the status bar and remove the battery icon from the quick settings.

In custom ROMs you can change the battery icons and percentage as there are many customization available on it. You can use the full circle icon which is one of our favourite and set the battery percentage at the center of it. Depending on the custom ROM that you have installed you can also change the side at which the battery icon is displayed. However, due to limited number of icons in the custom ROMs, you can get bored easily. Many other ROMs like MIUI provide support for themes in which you can change the theme and give a whole new look to your phone. These theme changes the whole status bar from battery icons to notification icons. One of our most liked custom ROM is Resurrection Remix which gives you the option to change the battery percentage font and size. If you have ever tried Resurrection Remix or AOSPExtended, then you may know how good they are in terms of customization and performance.

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