How to set up Multiple Wifi Zones on D Link DSL 2730U

Modern routers are designed to help you secure your network. You can configure your router to set up multiple Wi-Fi networks. Setting up different Wi-Fi SSID for different user groups is really important if you are in an office or in a small company. There are certain steps through which you can set up multiple SSID with their own passwords. This is can be done by creating Virtual access points on the router but however in D Link DSL 2730U (old version) the number of SSID is only limited to four. Follow these steps for setting up multiple SSID on your router:

1) Go to the router’s homepage (Default: on your browser and login with your username password (By Default, both username and password is admin).

2) Now go to Wireless and enable Wireless Guest/Virtual Access Points (You can set multiple options for each SSID. If you want to hide the SSID then click on the “hidden” checkbox in front of it. Set the maximum number of clients here. If you want to isolate the clients choose “Isolate Clients”option).

DSL Dlink Wifi 2730U

3) Enter the names for your WiFi Network in the SSID field (If have selected to hide the network then you have to remember the SSID so that you can setup it on your device).

4) If you want to set password for each SSID go to Wireless>Security.
Dlink Wifi DSL 2730U
5) Now select SSID from the drop down menu and then select the network authentication type & encryption strength. Add a key to your network (You can use multiple keys to connect to your network) and then click on Apply/Save button after configuring your SSID.

Multiple SSID can be very helpful if you want to distribute the bandwidth of your network however it not possible in modem like this but it can help you secure your network from getting attacked. You can use the MAC filtering option on your Wi-Fi network to make it safer.

D-Link is one of the major router selling company in India and while all the modern routers are getting advanced features now, it is safe to assume that the customer safety is their first priority. However, D-Link hardly provides any firmware updates to their older modem and routers.

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