How to See Friendship Between Two People who are not your Friends on Facebook

You can easily see the friendship between you and your friend but it is difficult to see the friendship between other peoples who are not your friend because Facebook doesn’t provide a direct option for that. But a simple change in link can show you what they are up to. This link basically generates a new timeline that shows up the Friendship between the two users, it also includes mutual photos, Friends, Likes, Workplace, comments and reaction on each others post (Depending on their privacy settings).

Edit above link by replacing ID_1 and ID_2 with the corresponding profile ID of the user.

After you have replaced the text it would look something like this:

Mark-priscilla Friendship

How to get the IDs

You can get the person’s profile ID by opening his/her profile. Some examples are shown below, red marked part is the profile ID of the user use them to edit and change the link.


The above link doesn’t work for Facebook Pages.

Facebook has been adding many new features and one of them includes showing the important events that have occurred with you on Facebook. Whether it may be celebrating a birthday or an event that happened in our life Facebook has been reminding us the important days. You can now celebrate your journey with your friends by sharing a video on your profile which has been generated with both of your mutual photos. Facebook earlier introduced graph search but some of the features were removed from it. And from a business point of view the Facebook Pages have gone a complete overhaul and many new features have been added. A new analytics view been added for Facebook pages and now you can easily promote your content with Facebook,

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