How to Remove White Signal Icons from Moto G 2015 and Moto X Play

Moto G 2015 and Moto G Turbo was launched in the year 2015 with Android 5.0 Lollipop on the top and was updated to Marshmallow in 2016 but later that year the company didn’t include these phones for the Nougat update. It’s a surprise that these phones are still getting security patches the latest we got on the moto g turbo was the April security patch. Coming to Moto X Play this phone still runs on January security update and has a Nougat upgrade pending, it seems that the company need some more time to finish the final build. However, the company didn’t give any timeline for the upgrade and you should not expect it to be coming very soon.

There are few bugs on both the phones and these bugs are very much identical. This may have caused by using the same source on both these phones. Two of the main bugs that we came across were:

The Signal Icon Problem- The signal icons on the status doesn’t go dark on many apps like Instagram, Twitter, Allo, Google Calendar and other apps which use this feature. Currently, there is no method to fix it but the only thing that you can do is to remove the signal icons from the status bar. This might be not a good idea as you will not be able to see the signal strength and data connection activity on the status bar and you have to open the notification panel again and again to see that.

Removing Signal Icons from status Bar

  • Swipe down Notification panel and press the setting icon for five seconds. It will activate the System UI tuner in settings.
  • Now go to Settings > System UI Tuner > Status bar and disable Mobile data here. The signal icons on the status will be removed.activating system ui tuner

Network Problem on SIM 2- If you set the default data SIM to “SIM Card 2” then you will see that the network switching becomes very poor. Whenever you switch from 2G to 3G/4G it will take at least 15 minutes to get the signal. We have been experiencing this issue on the BSNL network while we have not tested it on any other network but we expect this issue to persist on other networks also.

One other bug that we came across was on the Moto Display, the vibration doesn’t work when touch the screen. Anyway the ROM seems to very much optimized for the phone.

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