How to name an Android Phone

Windows Explorer shows an android phone by its model number or name but you can configure it to add a specific name to your device. Customization such as naming your phone can help you identify it on a PC which has multiple devices connected to it.

Renaming Your Phone in Windows

  1. Connect Your Phone to PC.Mobile Model Number
  2. You will see that your phone is displayed by its model number or name.Mobile Rename
  3. Now right click on it and select rename, you can enter any name for your phone.Mobile Name

Above steps will help you to rename your phone on a Windows PC. However, you can also change your device’s host-name and it can be useful in networking but only few ROMs are supporting this feature and it most likely that this feature might not be available on your phone.

A router receives the phone name while registering an IP address for it. And generally it has mac address with the type of OS that your phone is using such as ‘android-xxxxxxxxxxxx.’ You can change this at developer options. If you haven’t enabled developer option on your phone, then you can easily do it by taping Build Number (In about menu) repeatedly until you get a popup saying that you are now a developer.

In custom android skins such as MIUI, this process can be done very easily, you have to just go to about phone menu and at the top you will see ‘Device name’ option and you can type whatever name you want for your mobile phone there. MIUI Is loaded with tons of features and there are many other customization that make us like MIUI more and more. If you have renamed your phone in MIUI (In about section), then that name will also become your Bluetooth and hotspot name. But in other android skins you have to manually set IDs for each settings (Wireless Hotspots, Bluetooth).

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