How to Manually Update Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office has been used by many professionals to create articles and official documents but there are more things that you can do with it. You can create a PDF file with help of Microsoft Word and Excel and you can also save your presentation in PDF with the help of Microsoft Power Point. Many people do create HTML files with Microsoft Word and all you have to do is click on the “Save as” button under file menu. However, you can save your files in multiple formats with it. You can also edit the HTML files in Microsoft Word but it is not as good as a dedicated HTML editor. There are many other features and you can increase them by installing a plugin. You can use Office 360 to get your files uploaded on cloud and you can access them on your multiple devices. Recently, Microsoft have updated their Android apps which also includes the Office suite and you should also update the Microsoft Office on your PC to get the latest features from the company.

Manually updating Microsoft Office

  1. Make sure you are not on a metered data connection (Microsoft Office can consume a huge amount of data if you haven’t updated it from a very long time).
  2. Now if you have set your network connection to a metered network then disable it.
  3. Open any application from Microsoft Office suite such as Word or Excel.
  4. Now click on File menu and then go to Account.Update Microsoft Office
  5. And from the right click on Update Office Now.

All the Office Products will get updated in the background and it many take time to install the updates. In the mean while you have to keep your computer ON and don’t put it on sleep mode or don’t shut it down. You will get the latest features and security updates. You can also configure Windows update to receive Microsoft Office updates and patches.

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