How to Install New Fonts on Your Windows PC

If you got bored with your existing fonts on your Windows PC, then you can download and install new fonts which are available online for free. Discovering new fonts and using them on your presentations and document can make a huge difference in your personality too. There are a lot of Video Editors who are in need of new fonts to make their videos look more attractive. Fonts are also useful for many other works in Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Office, Paint etc. Using new fonts can make your project look more polished and gives the reader/viewers a fresh feeling. However, for many official work, people are still recommended with Times New Roman and Arial typeface.

To download new fonts, you can search the web for it but remember to read the usage policy of the font that you are going to use on your documents or for whatever purpose you are using them.

Installing New Fonts in Windows

    1. First you have to download the Font that you want to install, if the download font is in a zip file then you have to extract the zip file.
    2. Now after you have extracted the fonts, just copy it.Search for fonts
    3. If you are using Windows 10 then just open the Start menu and type “fonts” in the search box, the search result will bring you the fonts folder just open it, here you will all the existing fonts that are available on your PC now the paste the copied fonts here. If you are using any other version of Windows, then just go to Control Panel > Fonts.Fonts Folder
    4. If there are lot of fonts in the folder which you do not want to use then you can simply delete them. To preview a font, you can right click on them and select preview, it will show you how the fonts appear in different formats.

Copy Fonts from One PC to Other- If like a font on your friend’s PC, then you can easily copy them to yours. Just open the font folder on his PC and copy the font that you liked, then paste it to any removable media so that you can save it your PC.

Always download fonts from a safe website. The “Font” folder in the Windows serve as a central location for all the apps that use  fonts and all the new fonts that you have downloaded will be available for all the apps.

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