How to Increase Screen Content Size in Windows 10

The display size of any monitor depends on its resolution and many people who have bought small monitors with large resolutions can face issue of decreased size of screen contents. These contents might be hard to read if they are too small but there are options that you can use to increase these items.

Increase Display Size in Windows

  1. Go to display settings (Right click on blank space in desktop). Display Settings
  2. Here on some graphics card Windows can directly apply the display size that you select. However, in certain PC you have to enter a custom scaling to increase or decrease the screen components.Custom Scaling in Windows
  3. Now enter the custom percentage value in the field and click on OK.100 percent custom scaling
  4. You have to logout and sign in again in order to apply these settings.

Some apps are still not compatible with the custom scaling and you will see improper contents in it. If you don’t like how the fonts look, then you can change the complete resolution of your monitor. However, it is recommended that you use the optimum resolution of the monitor (Usually by default Windows automatically choose the best resolution for you). Using smaller resolution on your screen can blur the user interface and you monitor will not look as sharp as it can display.

Changing Screen Resolution in Windows 10

  1. Open display settings. You can set a custom resolution for your screen here.

If the screen resolution section is grayed out, then you can change the resolution of your screen through the graphic adapter properties. You have to install drivers for your graphic adapter for doing that. Make sure you choose the correct resolution, if you choose a wrong resolution, then your monitor can end up displaying nothing and you have to wait for 30 seconds so that your PC can revert to its previous settings.

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