How to get Google Assistant on any Android Phone

The competition among manufacturers are increasing for developing their own voice assistant. Many companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft were among the first to develop voice assistant and has taken lead from the companies like Samsung which is in the phase of developing Bixby Voice. As far as the features go Google Assistant has topped the charts by adding functionalities like Google Cards, Scheduling Calendar, Alarm Clock etc. One of the main feature that we like to write about is the capability of taking up follow up questions in which Google has nailed it. But there are certain questions which it couldn’t answered maybe in the near feature we can see a more intelligent Voice Assistant from Google.

Right now we are going to see how to activate Google Assistant on any phone running Android 7.x Nougat and Android 6.x Marshmallow.


1. A smartphone running Android Marshmallow or Nougat.
2. An active Internet Connection.

How to get Google Assistant:

1. Change the phone language to English (US): Since, the Google Assistant is limited to certain languages we have to change the phone language to one of them i.e. English(US). To change the phone language, go to Settings>Language & Input>Language and select English (US) from the list.

2. Delete or uninstall Google app updates: We have to reinstall the Google app to make sure it adapts the phone language that we have just changed in the above step. Go to Settings > Apps find and open Google app, tap on the three dots and the uninstall updates.

3.Now Install/Update Google App: Open Play Store and update/install the Google app.

4. Now open Google App and wait until it synchronizes all the data from your Google account. Now try to launch Google Assistant by long pressing the home button. Google Assistant will now be available to your phone. Set it up and you are done.

5. Once you have configured the Google Assistant you can change the phone language as you want.
In case Google Assistant doesn’t get activated wait for few hours to get it downloaded sometimes it may take days to get activated.

Note: Google Assistant is only available to certain languages.


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