How to Get Full Media Information of Any Video or Audio?

If you are curious, and want to know all about a media file, then you can get full information of any media like resolution, bit-rate, audio delay, audio tracks, frame rate, codec id, audio channel etc. with the help of MediaInfo. MediaInfo is a convenient, portable software that shows you unified display of the most relevant technical data of any video or audio file. It is an open-source software and is available for free to download.

Getting Full Media Information of Any Media File

  1. Download and install MediaInfo.
  2. Now open the file that you want to examine and it will show you all the available media information.

You can also get some more technical information by changing the view to tree mode.

The media information can be exported in CSV, TXT and many other formats as per your requirements.

If you are looking for some basic details, then there are various media player that can show it. In VLC Media Player you can see the codec information by going to Tools > Codec Information (Ctrl + J). You can also use Windows Explorer to see various details about a media file, you have to just enable details pane in View tab (Only available in Windows 7 and above).