How to free RAM on your Android Phone

There are lots of bloat ware free apps that come from your
manufacturer’s preinstalled operating system and these apps also runs background process on your phone which causes more RAM usage. There are few tips that will be helpful for
you to overcome system lag and get more free RANM
How to get free RAM on Android
  • Disable/Uninstall the
    pre installed apps that you don’t need in your phone.
  • Enable the developer options for
    your phone( Go to Settings> About touch build number five times or until the
    developer option is activated)
  • In developer options search for
    background process limit and select 2 or 3 process (This will cause some apps
    force to close down when it reaches limit)
  • Keep the phone memory free as
    much as you can. This will help to store cache in it and use less RAM
  • Install some free apps that will
    control over RAM usage (That’s easy to find on Play Store)
 These are the few methods to boost your phone RAM however you have to
compromise sometimes with the apps you have installed and sometime you might
need to delete some unwanted files from your phone storage to get some extra space to
store cache for your apps. And remember when it comes to free memory sometimes high end phones also have this problem.

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