How to Find MAC address of Your Network Adapter

MAC address is an identifier assigned to your network adapter. MAC stands for Media Access Control or we can generally say that it provides a unique name to your network hardware. A MAC address is required for your network adapter to connect to the internet. It is generally embedded in the network adapter by Manufacturers.

Finding MAC address in Windows 10

Method 1

  1. Open Run window by using  shortcut Windows Key + R. Enter ‘msinfo32‘ and press enter.
  2. Now go to Components > Network > Adapter.MAC address
  3. Then find the Adapter that you use to connect to the internet (LAN and WAN have different MAC addresses).
  4. You can now find MAC address on the right Window.

Method 2

  1. Run command prompt in administrative mode.
  2. Enter ipconfig command in it and press enter.
  3. Now find your Adapter and get the Physical Address.

If you have multiple network adapters connected to your PC, then make sure you find the right one. MAC address can be used to configure your router to allot a static IP for your PC. You can also setup MAC Filtering in your router to restrict some devices to connect to your modem/internet. A mobile phone that connects to the internet also have a MAC address and even a Bluetooth device have a unique MAC address.