How to Enable Developer Options in Xolo Q700 and other Jelly bean Phones

The Jelly Bean phones doesn’t show developer option in the setting menu. Many new phones are loaded with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean in which by default Developer option is disabled. The developer options meant to given to access the settings that are mostly used to change the core operating system settings. The most important settings that are included in the Developer options are –Protect SD Card, USB Debugging, Force GPU rendering, Background Process Limit.

Build number in the Setting menu

To Enable the developer options follow the steps:

1)Open Menu>Settings
2)Go to About
3)Tap the Build Number 5 to 6 times (It will tell you something like “2 more taps to become developer”)

Developer shown in the setting menu

4)Now a pop box will tell you “You are Now a Developer

Now the developer options is available in the Settings menu.

Many New phones i.e. Xolo Q700, Xolo Q800 having the stock Android OS has been tested with this.Previously these settings were not hidden and were generally shown  under setting tabs.