How to Delete Your Saved Passwords from Firefox

Many times, you save a password on a browser but do you know it can be viewed by anyone who uses that computer. It is better to delete your passwords from that browser but if you use a computer having multiple users then there is nothing to worry about because each user’s browser data are isolated from the other. When you try to view a password on Windows 10, then it will ask you to re-enter your computer login password.

Deleting Your Saved Passwords from Firefox

  1. Open Firefox.Firefox Settings
  2. Then open settings (You can enable menu bar by right clicking blank space on top bar).Firefox Privacy and Security
  3. Now under Privacy & Security open Saved Logins.Delete Saved Passwords
  4. Here you will see all the passwords that you have saved.Saved Logins
  5. You can delete any individual password or all of them. There is also an option to import passwords in Firefox.

You can also see your saved passwords here. This is a great feature if you ever forget your password.

Recently Mozilla Firefox received a fresh look which is quite better than its competitors. Firefox has a wide range of plug-ins and extensions available on their website. You can also delete your saved logins from your Firefox account by this method.


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