How to convert image files into PDF with Microsoft Word

For a student and job-seeker converting a scanned document into PDF can be a mess, many job portals can ask you for your mark sheets, degrees in the PDF format. However, there are many ways in which you can convert the image files into PDF and these tools are available on various online websites for free but there is a great chance that you can end up with a PDF document with a watermark on it. But that’s not the only issue many other people feel insecure about uploading their documents online and this doubt is justified as we don’t know what they will do with these documents. We always recommend you to read the privacy policy of that website.

Converting the file

We know that almost every student or professional have Microsoft Office installed on their PC but very few of them know that it can be used for converting image files into PDF format. Let’s see how to do that:

  1. Open Microsoft Word and create a blank document.
  2. In this new document you can directly copy and paste your image. If you can’t copy/paste, then try the insert option available at the toolbar. You can adjust the border of the document as per your requirement. You also have the option to adjust the image size and rotation.
  3. Now go to File in the menu bar and click Save As or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S.

    Save as PDF

  4. Then a popup windows will open to ask you for the file name and format. In the file format list select PDF and save it.

Many other files like Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Sheets can be converted into PDF with Microsoft Office very easily. If you are having issue with the output file size, then you can resize the image in the paint and again repeat the above steps, see if you can get the proper file size.

Encrypting the output file with Microsoft Office

If you are sending these document over email or cloud, then you can encrypt the file by going to General Options which is available at the bottom then it will ask you to enter the password for modifying and reading the file. There is also an option to compress the image if you want to reduce the file size.

Encrypting the file

You can also use Microsoft Word to create HTML files. These files can be edited and saved through Microsoft Word or Notepad.

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