How to connect two routers with one BSNL Broadband Connection

BSNL is one of the largest Broadband service provider in India. It is a government owned company which basically provide mobile and landline facilities across India. BSNL is popular for its cheap 3G data rates but they don’t have 2G data plans and if the user has to use 2G then have to recharge their sim card with the 3G data pack. Now coming to the cascading modems/routers here we are using D-Link DSL-2730U (Hardware version: V1) you can also do the same for other routers. We basically know that the ADSL2+ modems have a DSL port with Wi-Fi and LAN for connecting the router to the PC.

Cascading two Routers

Connecting multiple computers to a single internet connection can be done through a switch however, if don’t want to buy a switch and you already have an old router then this guide can help to cascade two routers with one internet connections. This method is for ADSL2+ routers (Which are generally both modems and routers) but you can also configure normal router with the same setting with proper connection as mentioned in this post.

Let’s define the two routers

Router 1 (Which will be connected to Internet via DSL port)
Router 2 (Which will be connected the router 1 with LAN)

Here are the steps for cascading two ADSL routers:

Connect Router 1 to your PC through LAN

  • Now open your router’s homepage by entering the IP address given at the back of the router (Which can be also found on the user manual of the router. Default is
  • In this router you have to set the ADSL settings and BSNL broadband connection (ALSO SEE: How to setup D-Link DSL-2730U V1 for BSNL broadband)
  • Go to LAN settings find the LAN IP address of your router and DHCP range
dhcp server range

Remove Router 1 Now connect Router 2 to your PC through LAN

ip address settings
  • Open your router’s homepage and Login (Default username and password is admin)
  • Now find the LAN settings in which you will have to set the LAN IP address of the Router 2 such that it will lie on the DHCP range of the first router (If the DHCP range of the router 1 is then the IP address of the first router should be
  • Find the DHCP settings in your router’s portal there you should have to disable the DHCP server (You can also set the DHCP to relay with the server However, you should preferably set the DHCP to relay and if it didn’t work then you can disable it.
  • Then connect the Router 1 with DSL and its one LAN port to the PC and another LAN port to the Router 2.
relay server
connection of two router

Now your both the routers are set. You will be able to connect to the internet also with Router 2.

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