How to Configure D-Link DSL-2730U (New Model) for BSNL broadband

V1 is the new hardware variant of the DSL-2730U modem. The first hardware variant of the modem was U1. The latest modem has a longer Wi-Fi range and includes many new features however the number of connectivity ports remains the same like the older one i.e. 4 LAN ports and a DSL port. The splitter that comes with this model is SP-202A which is used to separate the telephone and ADSL from the main input line. Make sure to always connect the Splitter between modem and main line. If you don’t use a telephone then also you should connect the Splitter this makes your DSL connection stronger.As older version is no longer in stock then you should definitely go for this new hardware variant for your BSNL broadband. The maximum retail price of this modem is Rs. 2539 which can be easily available for around Rs. 1800 in your nearby stores or in Amazon.

Setting up DSL-2730U for BSNL broadband

Step 1 Connect the modem to power supply and one LAN port to the computer.Then connect splitter with main telephone line and modem’s DSL port with splitter’s modem port.

Step 2 Find the IP address of your modem (You can find it behind your modem or the default IP address for most of the modem is

Step 3 Login to this address. You can find the login id and password in the instruction manual but generally for most of the modem it is admin(username) and admin (password).

Step 4 After login Device status page will open up. Now go to Setup tab.

Step 5 Now go to Internet Setup>Channel Config.ADSL 2730U BSNL BroadbandStep 6 See if there is already any other Channel Configuration in the Current ATM VC Table at the bottom of the page you have to delete it. Click on the radio button of that configuration and click delete button.
Delete Existing channel 2730U DLinkStep 7 Now refresh the page and again go to Setup>Internet Setup>Channel Config. Enter the values as shown in the screenshot Then add username and password that BSNL has provided you. Add username passwordStep 8 After Entering value click Add. Now you will see the internet sign LED which is the right most led of the modem will light up.

Configuring Wi-Fi 

Step 1 Again in the Setup tab go to Wireless Setup>Wireless Basics [You can control the Wi-Fi power here, change the Wi-Fi SSID name to change the name of your wireless network, Select the Band to 2.4GHz (B+G+N)].Wireless BasicsStep 2 Now again in the Setup tab go to Wireless Setup>Wireless Security. Set the encryption mode to WEP and click the Set WEP key tab next to it.ADSL wireless securityStep 3 Now select the key length key format.

In 64-bit key length with ASCII format: You can set 5-digit Alphanumeric password
In 128-bit key length with ASCII format: You can set 13-digit alphanumeric password
In 64-bit key length with Hex format: You can set 10-digit Numeric password
In 128-bit key length with Hex format: You can set 26-digit Numeric password

Step 4 At last click save.

Now you will be able to successfully connect to the BSNL broadband through your PC and phones.

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