How to Compress and Save Photos Using Paint

Many students and professionals need to compress the pictures to fit it in the documents or when they have to upload it to a website. But some of them do not have an idea that Paint can be used to compress the picture and even in the Paint it is a tough job. If you are asked to get a photo into a specified file size then might get even tougher, as we know that compressing a picture can distort its quality and when you compress a huge file into a very small image, then there is a great chance that you might not even see the details in it. So, be careful while compressing a picture.

Compress Photos Using Paint

  1. Make a backup of the picture that you want to compress.
  2. Open that file in Paint.
  3. Now make sure the file is in JPEG format (If you are not sure in which format the file is in, then you go its properties to check it).
  4. If the file is any other format, then you can save the file in JPEG format using the Save As option in the File menu.
  5. Now you have to calculate how much file size you have to reduce. See the current size of the picture in its property and calculate how many times you have to reduce the image to get the desired file size.
  6. Let’s take an example if you want to reduce the file size by four times, then the new image will have to be 25% shorter than the previous one.Resize your picture
  7. In Paint, you will see an option “Resize” just open it. Then a “Resize and Skew” window will pop up, now in the horizontal field enter 25 (Percentage that we want to reduce- calculated earlier) and click OK. After that you can save the image as a JPEG file and the new file size will be displayed at the bottom of the Paint window.Paint file size in window

If you can’t get the right file size of your picture, then you have to reduce the DPI and again scan it. Since, Paint is a basic photo editing software, you have to use any other advanced application to edit the picture. There are many applications available online, which can help you with this process without much loss of the picture quality. Remember not to upload any personal data on any unreliable website and always read their terms and privacy policy before uploading photos on it.

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