How to Change Default Language to Hindi in Windows 10

If you have installed English (US) or English (India) version of Windows on your PC and you want to change it to Hindi, then it can be done by installing a language pack on your operating system.

Installing a Language Pack in Windows 10

Step 1 : Make sure you have an active internet connection (Downloading a language pack can consume a lot of data).

Step 2 : Now go to Settings >  Time and Language > Region and Language (You can directly search for ‘Region and Language’ in start menu).
Region and Language settings
Step 3: Under Languages, click on ‘Add a language’, then find Hindi in the list and select it.
add a language
Step 4: Windows will now search and install the updates for your language .

Setting Hindi as Default Windows Language

Step 1: In Region and Language settings, click on Hindi and go to Options.

Hindi Options

Step 2: Now download the Hindi language pack.Hindi Language Pack

Step 3; After the download has completed, you can now set Hindi as Default Windows Language.

You can also install the Hindi speech and keyboard layout on your computer. There are many other regional languages of India that you can download and install on your PC. If you change your keyboard layout frequently, then you can enable language preferences in Language and Regional settings. You can also add touch keyboard icon in your taskbar.