How to become a beta tester in Google Play Store

Google Play Store now allows users to become a beta tester directly by opening the app in the Play Store. Beta testers can get an early access to the new features before the public update however these updates might be sometimes buggy. For instance, I had signed up for the Instagram beta app but after receiving few updates my phone become laggy and the Instagram app start crashing frequently and we have to switched back to the. So you cannot expect much from a beta app if you are interesting in getting new features early then you should definitely sign up for the Beta testing. Beta apps update more frequently than the normal public updates sometimes even two times a day. If you find any bugs or experience frequent crash, then you can write to the app developer directly through email which is provided in the bottom of the app in the Play Store. If you are a beta tester, then you may not be able to rate the app in the Play Store but you can send the report to the app developer. Since, some developers don’t support beta testers so you might not be able to sign up for beta testing in some apps.

To Become a Beta Tester

  1. Go to the Play Store and search for the app that your looking
  2. Now scroll to the bottom of the app to see if there is an option for signing up for Beta
  3. Now tap on I’M IN
beta testing apps google play

If you want to leave beta testing, then again go to that app scroll down to the bottom and tap on LEAVE
Once you are a beta tester you will be able to see a new tab for BETA in the apps & games section.

beta testing in goole play

This feature is available in the latest update for Google Play Store make sure to update Google Play Store. If you have not got the latest Google Play Store update, then go to the options> Settings> tap on the version again and again until you will see a pop up with a message saying ‘A new version for Google Play Store will be downloaded’ or if the Play Store is already updated then you will see pop up saying ’Google Play is up to date’.
However, there is no option for signing up for alpha testing you can sign up manually by joining their Google groups and become a tester.

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