How to Backup/Restore Messages and Call Logs on Your Phone

Messages and call logs are very important for professionals and many other users, it may contain important bank transaction details and other data. If you are changing your phone and want to move all your messages and call logs from your previous phone to the new one, then you can do it by making a backup of it through the app we are going to tell you about. Many people do forget to backup these files before performing a factory data reset or before installing a custom ROM .The process of backup and restore is very simple and can be done easily with the app.

Backup Call Logs and Messages

  1. Download SMS Backup & Restore from the Google Play Store
  2. Now open the app and go to backup option.
  3. It will ask you to backup messages and call logs, now choose what you want to back up here and then tap on the Next button.Backup your Call logs and Messages
  4. In this step you have to choose the backup location where you want to save all your back up data. You have the option to choose Google Drive, Dropbox and Phone storage. If you choose Google Drive and Dropbox as a backup location, then you have to login into your account and give authorization to the app to save its files and If you select the phone storage, then you can save the backup files to the SD card or internal storage. The selection depends on you  and what task you are going to perform but its best to set the backup location to Google Drive. After setting up the location Tap on Next.
  5. Now if you want to schedule a regular backup for you calls and messages then you can do it at this step.
  6. Then tap on “Backup Now” option and it will start the backup process.

Restoring the Backup Files

  1. Install the app again and select the option Restore.Restore Call logs and messages
  2. Now it will ask you for the backup file location, select the one where you have saved the files. If you choose Google Drive or Dropbox, then you have to sign in to your account in which the backup files are saved. If you have stored them on the SD card, then select Phone storage.
  3. After that, select what you want to restore (Messages or Call Logs).
  4. Now Tap on Restore Now. It will ask you to make the app as a Default Messaging App, then tap on YES.
  5. After the restore is completed remove it as a messaging app from Settings > Apps (Tap on Gear Icon on the top right). You can see here all the defaults apps for each task, now find “Messages” here. And then change it to the default messaging app.

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