How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Data Without Internet or Data Connection

If you are migrating to a new phone or doing a factory data reset, then backing up the data is the first thing that you do. Most of the people do not want to lose the important data while performing a factory data reset. You can easily backup your personal files and folders by the simple copy and paste method. But when it comes to App Data, they are backed up on your Google account, which you can easily restore during the intial setup wizard after the first boot. Applications such as WhatsApp needs to connect to the Google Drive to back up data, which consist of all your chats, media and documents. This process requires an internet connection and consumes a lot of time. But there is an another way to backup and restore the WhatsApp Data without internet connection and it is quite easy.

Initial Backup

  1. Open WhatsApp then tap on the three dots located at the top right and go to Settings.
  2. Go to Chats > Chat Backup and tap on “BACK UP” button. (Without Internet Connection)(This will make sure all your recent data will be backed up locally. You can see here when was your last local back up)WhatsApp Local Backup

Method 1: Backup/Restore With PC

Backup Process

  1. Connect your phone to PC.
  2. Then select USB connection option to File Transfer on your phone.
  3. Open Windows Explorer then go to your device and open your phone’s internal memory, you will see “WhatsApp” folder in it.
  4. Copy the “WhatsApp” folder to your computer. This will be your backup folder.

Restore WhatsApp data Offline

  1. Now, after you have done resetting your phone, you can now restore the data by copying “WhatsApp” folder from PC to the phone’s internal memory.
  2. After copying the folder install WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.
  3. Then enter your phone number, which you were using earlier. If you enter a different number, then the backup files will not be detected and you can end up with no backup data.
  4. WhatsApp will now scan for Backup Data and once the app finds it wait until the restoring process is completed.

Method 2: Backup/Restore Without PC (Requires SD card)

  1. You need a File Manager for this process.
  2. Open File Manager go to Internal memory then copy the WhatsApp folder to the SD card but keep in mind do not format the SD card while resetting your phone (It’s best to keep the backup data on your PC as it will be more secure as compared to the SD card).
  3. When your initial setup or resetting is done again copy the WhatsApp folder to the Internal Memory.
  4. Install WhatsApp form Google Play Store and enter the phone number that you were using earlier. WhatsApp will automatically detect the files.

After the process is complete you will see all your previous data are still on the app. The offline method seems much easier and faster but when it comes to more security and reliability, then Google Drive is the best option. It is recommended to back up your conversations and media every week on Google Drive so that even if you lose your phone you can easily restore the data online.

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