How to Automatically Power on and Power Off any Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi has made some of the most affordable smartphones in recent years and on top of it they come with MIUI which is a highly customizable android skin. The customizations in the MIUI can keep you engaged with your phone and you can possibly customize everything on it. Some other features such as Quick Reply from the notification panel will be coming soon to other devices later this year. However, there are some features which are our favorite and one of them is Scheduled Power on and Power off Device. It’s a feature that can help you increase the device battery life. You can set a schedule to automatically turn off your device when you are asleep. This is feature is quite useful but hard to find.

Schedule Power off and Power on Your Device

On MIUI Devices

  1. Go to Settings > Battery > Power.Automatically Power off Xiaomi device
  2. Here can see all the statistics about your phone’s battery. Now tap on the gear icon located at top right.
  3. Then select Schedule power on/off.
  4. Adjust the on/off time and you can also adjust when you want to repeat it.

On Mi A1 (Android One)

  • You can find the Scheduled power on/off feature at the bottom of the settings menu.

There are many other features packed in MIUI 9 which you can use to get most out of your phone. Earlier dark status bar icons were not working with all the apps (except for MIUI stock applications) but now Xiaomi has fixed this in MIUI 9. The MIUI 9 roll out was started in November 2017 and initially three devices were receiving it and Xiaomi had said that they will be extending it to all supported devices in January 2018. MIUI 9 also comes with new themes like limitless which includes some modern icon designs and animations. Now you can edit the screenshots right after taking them. Whenever you take a screen shot it previews the picture at the top right for a few second so that you can tap on it and start editing right then. Split screen feature was available in all the phones running stock Android Nougat but MIUI didn’t have it until MIUI 9 came out.

It is recommended that you should turn off your phone for at least one hour but many people don’t want to do that. This may increase your phone’s life and there is a great chance that you can find it useful in many other ways.

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