How to Always Start The Videos in Full Screen Aspect Ratio in VLC

VLC is no doubt the most famous media player on Windows and now their Android app is on rise too. VLC Media Player supports many media formats and you can customize it as much as you want. There is also an option to change the theme in it. Many people want to get the full screen experience from each videos or movies they watch however in each video you have to change the aspect ratio (To change aspect ratio you can press ”A” on your keyboard when the media is playing). For each time you open a video in VLC media player, it plays the video in its default resolution. Each screen has a different aspect ratio such as 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10. But VLC gives an option to force start all the videos in full screen mode.

Step 1 Open VLC Media Player and go to Settings >Preferences.

VLC media PLayer

 Step 2 In the settings window select Video from the left panel.

VLC player

Step 3 Find Force Aspect ratio and enter the aspect ratio of your monitor/screen in the text field next to it (If you want to always start the videos in Full screen mode click on the Full screen checkbox).

Now all your videos that you open will be launched in full screen mode.

To get the correct Aspect ratio for your screen open any video and then press A repeatedly until the video goes full screen. You can set this value in the settings window shown in Step 3.

VLC is a media player from VideoLAN organization and is currently the most famous video playing program. Currently VLC Media Player is free and you can practically install it on any operating system. You can customize the skins with VLC Skin Editor which is also available on their website. However, with Windows 10 Microsoft has introduced their own Movies app but VLC is still the customer’s first choice due to the compatibility with many formats.


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