Get the Camera Details from a Photo on Windows

Many people see a photo and wonder which camera was used or what were the camera settings while taking the shot. Pictures create memories and a handful of people know how to take a perfect picture. Smartphone cameras are now giving a tough competition to the DSLRs. Phones such as Google Pixel 2 and iPhone X are having such a great camera that people don’t need to carry a SLR when they travel. They can instantly share their picture in social media or they can upload it to cloud where their friends and family can see it. But cameras cannot shoot a good picture by itself and sometimes you have to use the manual mode to click a great shot. In manual mode you can set multiple options like Exposure, focal length, ISO, Shutter Speed and much more which can help you get an excellent shot.

If you find a picture and want to know which camera was used to shoot the picture, then you can know can easily know that by following the steps below:

  1. Go to properties of the picture of which you want to know the information.Picture Properties
  2. Then go to details tab. Here you can all the data related to that picture such as Camera, ISO, Shutter Speed, Resolution, Color, Aperture, Focal length and much more.Picture Information

If you want to always see the details of any file on Windows Explorer, then you can enable the details pane from the view menu or you can press the shortcut Alt + Shift + P to enable it. In this way you can get all the details about the photo when you click them. On Android few file manager shows information about the picture but you cannot get it on all the devices. And if the picture has been uploaded and edited multiple times then all the image information will get lost however you can see the software which was used to edit the photo.


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