Get Rounded, Squircle, Rounded Square, Square and Teardrop Icons on Android Nougat

We all have been fascinated by the new look and layout of Android Oreo as the latest version brings around many changes over the previous one such as new redesigned notification panel, the icon behaviour and quick reply. We already know that many phones will not get the Oreo update but they can still get some Android Oreo features on their phone and one of them which we will be discussing here would be adaptive icons.

For those who don’t know what adaptive icon are can see the below picture. Some manufacturers like Nokia and Motorola have already provided rounded icons on the Android Nougat but they still can’t get the Squircle, Rounded Square, Square and Teardrop Icons on their phone. So how would you get it? Nova Launcher is the answer to that question. No doubt that Nova launcher is one of the best Launchers available on Google Play store. Many people who were using it earlier have already been seen it.

Getting Adaptive Icons

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download Nova Launcher
  2. After installing it go to Nova Settings (Tap and hold the home screen in the launcher or open it from app drawer).Nova Settings
  3. Now go to Look & Feel section in the Nova Settings and then enable Adaptive Icons.Adaptive Icons in Nova Settings
  4. To change the icon in various shapes, go to Adaptive icon style in the Look & Feel section of Nova Settings.
  5. All the apps supporting adaptive icons will be changed. However, some legacy apps will not get affected and to force legacy app to change its icon shape you have to enable Reshape legacy icons in Nova Settings> Look & Feel > Adaptive icon Style.With and Without Legacy Adaptive Icons

Nova Launcher is one of the few launchers that have introduced icon popup menu style which were only available on pixel phones but now many developers have enabled that feature on their launchers. Which is just as good as Quick Reply on notification panel here you can also trigger a quick reply (If supported by the app) by just taping and holding any icon. In Nova Launcher you can get the option between Oreo and Android Nougat popup menu style. There is also an option to add search bar in the bottom dock of your home screen just like in the Pixel phones. These features make Nova one of our favorite launchers available and the prime version can be downloaded at an affordable price on many occasions. Nova Launcher has recently crossed over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.

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