Fix: Downloading Proxy Script Delay in Google Chrome

After a recent update, Google Chrome takes around a minute to download proxy script and this happens every time when you open it. We haven’t faced this issue until the recent update but if you are using a mobile hotspot then this might not be a problem for you.

Disable Automatic Proxy Downloading

  1. Open Google Chrome Settings.Google Chrome Settings
  2. Now in the search bar type ‘proxy’. Then click on Open Proxy Settings.Open Internet Settings
  3. A new Internet Properties window will open. Here, under Local Area network click on LAN settings.LAN Settings
  4. Under Automatic Configuration disable ‘Automatically detect settings‘.Automatic Proxy Detecting
  5. You can also find this setting in control panel or you can directly search for “internet settings” in start menu.

That’s it. Now the Google Chrome will not download any proxy script when you open it. But if you are using a proxy server, then you have to properly configure it in Internet Settings. In Firefox you have to manually add the proxy settings because it doesn’t follow the Windows proxy configuration.

Google Chrome is one of the most used internet browsers on Windows and Android. You can use your Google account to synchronize bookmarks, website history and login passwords with your other devices. From a developer perspective, Google Chrome provides many tools that can help you to optimize your website. You can conduct an audit to check your web application and there is also a performance tool through which you can know about your webpage speed. When comparing Google Chrome to Firefox, we have seen that Firefox has recently added many new features like ‘screenshot’ and ‘send link to device’ with which you can easily take a screenshot of any page by a right click. You can also send a link to your mobile so that you can view that page later.