Enable Instant Apps On Your Android Phone

Instant Apps is limited to certain devices but you can test if it is available on your phone or not. Instant Apps was recently introduced in Google Play Store with which you can run apps without installing them.

Enabling Instant Apps

Method 1: Through Google Settings

  1. Go to Settings > Google.Google Instant Apps
  2. Now look for Instant Apps and open it.
  3. Then turn on the radio button to enable Instant Apps.

Method 2: Through Google Play Store

  • Open Google Play Store.Google Play Store Instant Apps
  • Swipe from left edge and open Settings.
  • Under ‘User controls’, go to “Use apps without installation” and enable it (If you can’t find these option in Google Play Store App, then your phone might not be supported for it).

Google Play Store has introduced many new features and payment methods in past few months. Recently, Google Play Music and Audio books were launched in India due to which Google has increased the number of products available there. However, many apps such as YouTube Red is still unavailable in India. Google has also introduced their entry level smartphone operating system Android GO. This operating system will be available as Android Oreo 8.1 and will have light weight apps from Google such as ‘Google Go’, ‘Files Go’ etc.