Enable Hey Google! To Unlock Your Phone

In the last few months we have seen many new features getting added in Android and the latest is Voice Match Unlock. Now you can unlock your device by saying Hey Google! This require you to train the Google Assistant for voice match.

Enable Voice Match in Google App

  1. Open Google App.
  2. Now go to Settings. Here under ‘Search’ heading tap on Voice.
  3. Open Voice Match (You can manage your default language here and you can also download offline speech recognition files for your phone).Enable Voice match in Google Assitant
  4. Enable ‘Say “OK Google” any time’ and it will ask you to teach the assistant to recognize your voice.Train Google Assistant
  5. After completing the process enable ‘Unlock with Voice Match’.
  6. Now you can unlock your phone by saying ‘Hey Google!’ on the lock screen.

If you don’t like this feature, then you have the option to disable it. You can also retrain the Google Assistant for voice match and there is an option to delete the voice model if you are worried about your privacy. It is recommended that you install offline speech files for your language.

Google has implemented artificial intelligence across their devices and operating systems. We have seen how a single camera can be used to capture a perfect portrait image. Google Assistant is now capable of recognizing any song playing around your phone. The Google Assistant has grown smarter and with the Google Lens it can tell you what is inside a picture. Many other companies do rely on the hardware to get most out of their phone and they keep adding it but Google has shown that if the software is properly optimized then there is no need of a high end hardware. The Android One program is a perfect example of it, devices like MI A1 which is one of the most sold Android One phone across world has proved it.

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