Enable Basic Version of Facebook on Every Mobile Browser

Facebook is one of the most visited social network website and has the maximum number of active users. Facebook can be a great platform to promote a business due to its number of users and the ads can be targeted to a specific set of users who are grouped by location. Many people have complained that Facebook uses too much of mobile data no matter if you browse through a browser or from the app. For resolving this Facebook has recently launched their new android application Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, which can be helpful for the users who don’t have a high-end smartphone or for those who don’t have a high speed internet connection. But people are still not satisfied with these applications and they opt for browsers on their phones to explore Facebook. There are two versions of Facebook that you can use on your mobile browser first one is Regular (Has more high quality photos but slow to load) and the other one is Basic (Low quality picture but faster). Basic version can save a large amount of data on your phone. Sometimes Facebook recommend you to enable this version when you are on a slow internet connection. But you can enable this by yourself.

Enable Basic Version of Facebook

  1. Open m.facebook.com on your browser (Make sure you are logged in).
  2. Now on the top bar, go to Options and scroll down to Account Settings then open it.

    Facebook Basic Version

  3. Tap on the General settings.
  4. In this page you can see all the details of your account. Tap on the Default Mobile site.
  5. And now change the mobile site version to Basic and then save it.

Facebook General Settings

After this, you will be able to login with the basic version of Facebook on every mobile browser.

You can also explore mobile version of Facebook on Desktop Browsers by visiting m.facebook.com.

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