Download Group of Files Having Sequential Names

Files that have sequential names such as img001, img002, img003 can be downloaded using Internet Download Manager, you can use the batch download feature to generate and download all the links having same name but altering in number.

Using Batch Download in Internet Download Manager

  1. Open IDM and go to File > Add Batch Download.File then Add Batch Download
  2. Now paste the link and replace the number with an asterisk (*).
  3. Change with wildcard size according to the link (If the filename is img001, then the wildcard size should be 3).Introduce Asterisk
  4. Then set a range for the links and click on ‘OK’ button.
  5. IDM will now show you a list of all the files within the range along with their details.Generated Links
  6. You can select and add these files in the Main download queue.

There is also an option to Add batch download from a text file in the File menu that you can use to download multiple links at once. You can create sequential links using Microsoft Excel and copy them to a text file, so that, you can add all the of them in download queue.

IDM is the top choice among users for downloading huge files. You can configure IDM for different type of network connection and how any simultaneous connection it should use for a single link. There is also an option to create your own download queue in which you configure which files to download. Many features such as automatic shutdown, prevent sleep during downloads, custom download queues, scheduled downloads, speed limiter, site grabber makes IDM one of the most preferred download manger on Internet.

There are many other download managers that you can use to download multiple links and Free Download Manager is one of them. FDM is available for free and comes with its own features which cannot be compare with IDM.


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