Design Your Own Transparent Logo and Icon with Inkscape for Free

Whether you are a web designer or a video editor you must need a transparent logo to add to your website or to your videos. There are many professional software that can help you do it very easily. But if you are starter who have just started creating videos and don’t want to invest much in new software, then you can use some of the best free software available for creating logos and icons. And Inkscape is one of them you can create scalable vector graphics (SVG) in it and you can export it as a transparent PNG image. However, it might not have as much functions as a premium logo designing software has but you can still design a basic logo which will get the work done.

Creating a transparent logo on Inkscape

  1. Download Inscape and install it.
  2. First you have to make sure what should be the dimension of your logo then go to File > Document Properties and change the current document height and width.
  3. After you have designed your logo save it as a SVG file.
  4. Then again go to File menu and now select Export as PNG image.
  5. A side bar will open and will ask you for the required output dpi and file location. You can then save it.

If you need to resize the PNG file, then you can export the SVG file with different output dpi.

You can use Inkscape to create icons for navigation or you can also create a favicon for your website. Starters will need some time to get used to the basic functionalities of it. At first you will find it difficult to use.

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