Converting a Webpage to PDF in Android

Many browsers are now providing the option to save any webpage for offline mode this can help users to read the articles when they are travelling or when they have no internet connection. But you cannot take offline pages for too long because it can gets deleted when you or any app cleaner try to clear the cache. Offline pages cannot be transferred from one device to another but a PDF file can be transferred and is more convenient to read but converting a webpage to PDF in Android is not easy. If you are reading any topic whether it is from Wikipedia or from any news website and you have to save it for further offline reading, then you can convert it into a PDF file.

Converted Webpage

You just need Mozilla Firefox For Android. Download and install the Mozilla Firefox for Android form Google Play. After Installing Mozilla Firefox open any webpage you want to convert into PDF. Now Go to Options>Tools>Save As PDF. Now the Mozilla will start downloading the webpage with all the images and it will save it as PDF. You can find that PDF file in the download folder of your phone. However, Wikipedia already provides an option to save the article as PDF.
Mozilla Firefox
The output PDF file is formatted same as you have seen the webpage. This is the most efficient way to convert any webpage to PDF because the output file is small and require less space on your phone. But it has its own disadvantages like the download file would not get updated whenever the original content has been modified. PDF stands for Portable document format and can be easily sent between devices. There are many apps that you can use to read this file format and one of the most popular one is Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available on both Windows and Android.

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