Configuring D-Link DSL 2730U for BSNL Broadband

Note: If you are seeing difference in the interface and the screenshots in this post, then you might be using the newer version of this modem See here: How to Configure D-Link DSL 2730U modem (New Version)
This guide shows step by step guide to configure your D-Link DSL-2730U for BSNL Broadband. This include the normal setting which can also be applied to the other routers. Just follow the few steps to configure your modem

DSL D-Link Modem Rtouter

Step 1: Open in your web browser and login using your username password or by default it is admin(username) and admin(password)


Step 2: Click on Advanced Setup > Layer2Interaface> ATM Interface> Click Add

Gateway 1

Step 3 : Put the following values(As shown in the below image). and click Apply/Save

Gateway 2

Step 4: Now click on WAN Service and click add

Gateway 3

Step 5 :Select the Layer2 Interface which you have created in the previous step, Click Next

Gateway 4

Step 5: Ensure the following Settings

Gateway 5

Step 6:  Write Your Username and password. In the PPPoE Service Name box put the value “dataone“, Click Next

Gateway 6

Step 7 : Select the gateway ppp0, Click Next

Gateway 7

Step 7: Now in the DNS Server Configuration page move ppp0 interface to the “Selected DNS sever Interfaces”, Click Next

Gateway 8

Step 8 : Click Apply/Save

Gateway 9

Now reboot your modem.
Your modem is now configured to be connected to Internet. If you want add a manual DNS server you can enter it into the DNS Configuration Page