Configure Windows Update to Receive Microsoft Office Updates

Microsoft Word is one of the most used word processing software around the world. Many writers and authors use it to write their blogs, articles and books. There are many options on Microsoft Word that can improve your writing skills and you can add your own dictionary in it through which it can better understand your writing style and auto correct the sentences and words. There are also many other Office applications from Microsoft which are being used to create database and data sheets. Microsoft Power Point gives you some of the most advanced features that you can use to create some incredible presentations. But these feature need to get updated frequently and we have already discussed how to manually update Microsoft Office. Now we are going to see how to update it through Windows Update.

Configuring Windows 10 for Microsoft Office Updates

    1. Open Start Menu and go to Settings.updates and security
    2. Select Update & Security.Windows Update configuration
  1. Now go to Advanced Settings under “Update Settings”.
  2. Enable “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows”.Windows Update Advanced Option

Next time when you check for Windows Updates it will also tell you the available Office updates. Make sure you haven’t enabled Metered Connection on your current network. But if you still can’t update Microsoft Office with Windows then wait for some time it will automatically start detecting the updates.

Microsoft Office in not a freeware and you have to buy the product to use it but there are some alternatives which you can use such as Google Docs and LibreOffice. Google Docs is an online word processor which you can use to create and edit documents and all the documents that you have created will get uploaded to your Google Drive. You can use it on all of your devices whether it is your phone or your laptop. LibreOffice is the second alternative to Microsoft Office and comes with many applications similar to what Microsoft provide with their office suite. For starters LibreOffice is great and provides some incredible user experience same as Microsoft Office.

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