Configure iBall 150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router for BSNL Broadband

Configuring iBall 150M Wireless Router is much easier than any another modem which are provided by the BSNL CSCs. It just take few steps to setup you router and start surfing the Internet. You can setup your modem in two ways
1) Bridging Mode: Router will be bridged to your computer. You have to setup a Network Connection from your computer. And connect it everytime to use the internet, this mode is generally for peolpe who doesn’t have a Unlimited Plan. This mode is already configured to your modem it doesn’t need any extra configuration.(Always On mode will consume your Free Data)
2) PPPoE Mode(Always On): This is for Unlimited users, the modem will always be connected to the internet automatically.
PPPoE Mode:
Just connect the modem to your PC by LAN and follow the steps:
Step 1: Open on your web browser. Enter the username and password (By default it is admin and admin respectively). It will show the current status of the modem, No PVC is connected.

Iball Configuration for BSNL 1

Step 2:  Now Go to Network Setup>WAN . Change the Bridging Mode to PPPoA/PPPoE in Encapsulation method.

Iball Configuration for BSNL 2

Step 3: Just ensure the following settings on the page. On the Service Name field enter “Dataone”. Enter your username and password of your broadband in the field provided for it.
(IMORTANT : The Value of VCI should be 35)

Iball Configuration for BSNL 3

Step 4: Now save it
You are now connected to Internet

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