Checking Your Website In Different Resolutions

Websites are now designed to respond according to the screen resolution, and this is possible with the help of CSS media query. You can use any web browser to check whether a website is responsive or not.

Checking a responsive Design in Google Chrome

Step 1 Open Google Chrome and type the URL that you want to check.

Step 2 Now right click on any empty space in the webpage and select Inspect element (or you can directly press F12).

Step 3 Resize the Chrome Window to see if the website is responsive or not. You can also switch to the responsive mode, which is available in developer tools. There are some preset resolution of various devices available in responsive mode which you can use, to preview your website on these devices.

You can check how our website respond to this change. On other browsers, you can simply check a website by resizing the Window. Firefox and Microsoft Edge has also introduced responsive mode in developer tools with some preset resolutions. To know, if your website is compatible with mobile phones or not, you can use Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools. In Google Webmaster Tools you can use Fetch as Google to preview your website.